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05 January 2010

Renewable Shares: RENIXX World up 7.2 Percent in 2009

- Country ranking: Germany, the US and China on top – solar energy industry in transformation

Muenster - The Renewable Energy Industrial Index (RENIXX World), the international stock index for the renewable energy industry, finished 2009 up 7.2% (close: 749.25 points). Other national and international stock indexes (TecDAX +60.84%, DAX +23.85%, MSCI World +23.52%, S&P 500 +23.49%) performed significantly better than the renewable energy market barometer according to the International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies (IWR). \"Investors’ concern about the consequences of the financial and economic crisis, the lower price of oil, and the failed climate change conference in Copenhagen prevented the RENIXX from achieving greater growth,\" stated IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch in Muenster.

As of the regular reweighting of the RENIXX on January 1, 2010, Germany and the United States have the most companies listed with seven each, ahead of China with six. There were noticeable shifts within the individual industries, especially the solar energy industry. While the number of worldwide module and solar cell manufacturers listed on the RENIXX dropped, the index was able to add companies from the solar equipment supplier industry. At the start of 2009, only one company from this industry – Meyer Burger, a Swiss supplier of saw systems for solar wafer production – was listed. RENIXX World now boasts three additional solar supply companies as of early 2010: Centrotherm (Germany), GT Solar (US) and Roth & Rau (Germany).

Solar Millennium AG, which specializes in solar thermal power plants, was also added to the RENIXX World index. The share’s value grew 175% in 2009, due in part to Desertec’s plans to build solar thermal power plants in Africa’s desert regions.


RENIXX World is the first stock index to track the performance of the world’s leading listed companies in the renewable energy sector, the industrial field of the future. Shares are weighted according to free-float market capitalization. To be listed in the index, companies must generate at least 50 percent of their revenue within the renewable energy industry.
WKN: RENX01, ISIN: DE000RENX014, Reuters instrument code (RIC): .RENIXX
RENIXX World online:

Muenster, January 5, 2010

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