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address Peter-Henlein-Str. 2 - 4
27472 Cuxhaven
country Germany
telephone +49-4721 / 718-06
telefax +49-4721 / 718-444
contact person Rainer Heinsohn
internet www.pnewind.com

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With its headquarters in Cuxhaven, PNE WIND AG plans and realises wind farm projects on land (onshore) and on the high seas (offshore). In doing so, its core competence lies in the development, project planning, and financing of wind farms and in their operation and sales respectively with the provision of subsequent service. Until July 2013, the company has constructed and taken in operation 100 wind farms with 574 wind energy plants and a total nominal output of 828 MW. In Germany (onshore), wind farm projects with over 1,000 MW of nominal output are currently being developed.

In addition to its business activities in the established German home market, PNE WIND AG is increasingly expanding into dynamic growth markets and is already represented in joint ventures and by subsidiary companies in Southeast Europe, Great Britain, USA and Canada. In these countries wind farm projects with a nominal output of more than 2,000 MW are currently being developed and are to be completed in the medium term.

Furthermore PNE WIND AG is developing offshore wind farm projects, of which four major projects in German waters have already been approved. Six offshore wind farms have already been sold. PNE WIND works in these projects as service provider. An entry into promising foreign markets is also being examined with regard to the offshore sector.

business area

Wind farm development, financing and operation

product-/ service area

Wind farm development, financing and operation


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