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Ventotec GmbH

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Am Nesseufer 40
26789 Leer

Contact: Herr Michael Zimmermann
Phone 0491 / 912400
Telefax 0491 / 92921-99
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Company Profile

Ventotec GmbH is one of Germany’s leading end-to-end providers in the renewable energy sector. Founded in 1998, Ventotec has successfully established plants with a rated
capacity of more than 620 MW in Germany and abroad at an investment volume of more than 900 million euros.

Originally conceived as a traditional project developer, the company provides the whole range of services in the area of project planning. Over the last few years, the company has managed to successfully establish itself on the market as a vendor and marketer of renewable energy projects. Right at the start of this decade, Ventotec was able to skilfully manage foreign investors’ growing interest in renewable energy projects, thanks to its many years
of experience in project planning for closed-end funds. Now Ventotec is much in demand as one of the main German providers of wind energy projects and is in constant contact with important institutional investors within Germany and abroad. Ventotec is also responsible for
the associated project funding, the structuring and provision of which now count among its core competences.

The company strategy is oriented towards expansion in the future too. For the coming years, Ventotec is planning new wind farms in Europe, e.g. in Spain, France and Poland, as well as onshore projects in Germany. In France, the first overseas wind farm initiated by Ventotec is already feeding power to the grid; other wind farms will follow here in the next few years.

Business Sectors

Project conception with basic planning and approvals; completion and commissioning of the projects; presenting the project financing; marketing / selling the projects; management of renewable projects that are already in operation; shipping; special real estate; funds; issuing house

Products and Services

Project development
• Project design with preliminary planning and approval
• Project completion and commissioning
• Presentation of project financing
• Project marketing / sale

Commercial management
• Accounting and contracting
• Controlling, budget planning
• Liquidity planning, payments
• Reporting, customer-oriented reporting (annual and financial reports)
• Insurance management

Technical management
• Remote monitoring with redundant data storage
• Monthly technical reporting, analysis of performance data
• Quick response times through on-site support
• Loss event reporting

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