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Saxovent Ökologische Investments GmbH & Co.KG

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Fritschestr. 27 / 28
10585 Berlin

Contact: Frau Anja Leben
Phone 030/79 74 28 -30
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Company Profile

Saxovent was founded 15 years ago by Carsten Paatsch and commercializes successful yield strong ecological investments in the sector of wind energy. The headquarter is located in the heart of Berlin, in Charlottenburg.
With the realization of 235 turnkey wind turbines, the business was able to establish itself in this branch of industry and is meanwhile one of the leading providers.
The business activities includes project acquisition, the supply of wind turbines, Repowering-concepts and the disposition of already excisting WTG. To guarantee all this project phases, the creation of realizable and relibable financial concepts, as offered by Saxovent, is indispensable. The disposition starts with a single wind turbines up to a whole wind park.
Thanks to long-standing experience and the accompaniment of external specialists are able to align, the complexity between legal and technical requirements of Due Diligence.

Also projects beyond national borders could be realized up until now and will have a growing status in the future of our company. In Bulgaria the construction management was assumend by Saxovent for more than 50 WTG. Besides there are planned large-area projects in France.
Furthermore Saxovent is dedicated in the economical attractive neighboring country Poland for some years. In the year 2011, an additional branch was found in Poznan. The business activities of this branch refer mostly to the developement and the construction. Consequently Saxovent is also able to offer modern, efficient WTG in Poland.

Take advantage of our long-standing experience to the realization of your wind park project - we will advise you with pleasure!

Business Sectors

financing and marketing of a single wind turbine generator up to a whole wind park, furthermore in Poland: Developement and construction of wind farm projects

Products and Services

References 2009-2012

(Federal) stateNo. of typesTurbine capacity[kw]Project capacity[kw]Turbine typeDate completed
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 32.0006.000Vestas V90Jan 2012
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern42.0008.000Vestas V90Nov/Dec 2011
Brandenburg42.0008.000Vestas V90Dec 2011
Brandenburg22.0004.000Vestas V90May/June 2011
Brandenburg22.0004.000Vestas V90Jan 2011
Brandenburg32.0002.000Vestas V90Dec 2010
Brandenburg62.0004.000Vestas V90Dec 2010
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern12.0002.000Vestas V90Oct 2010
Sachsen-Anhalt12.0002.000Vestas V80June 2010
Bulgarien12.0002.000Vestas V90March 2010
Bulgarien12.0002.000Vestas V90Jan 2010
Brandenburg12.0002.000Vestas V90Dec 2009
Brandenburg22.0004.000Enercon E82Dec 2009
Brandenburg12.0006.000Vestas V90Dec 2009
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern12.0002.000Vestas V90Dec.2009
Niedersachsen32.0006.000Vestas V80Dec 2009
Bulgarien32.0006.000Vestas V90Nov 2009
Hessen52.0006.000Vestas V90Jul 2009
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern12.0002.000Vestas V90Jul 2009
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern12.0002.000Vestas V90Feb 2009
Brandenburg32.0006.000Vestas V90Jan 2009

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