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sonnen Builds first sonnen City in the USA

Wildpoldsried, Germany - The German battery company sonnen is installing its sonnenBatterie energy storage solution in 3,000 new homes in the US state of Arizona.

This is part of the new concept by home builder and urban planner Mandalay Homes, which is building a new community in Prescott Valley in the US state of Arizona. In doing so, according to sonnen the company has undertaken what is currently the biggest residential power storage project in the USA.

A photovoltaic system and a sonnenBatterie will be installed in all homes in Jasper, enabling every household to produce most of the electricity it consumes by itself. This will keep the power bill of each home very low from the outset.

The energy storage systems will also be interconnected and able to communicate with each other. As sonnen points out, this technology, which is already used for power sharing in the sonnenCommunity in Germany, will make it possible to create a virtual power plant with a capacity of 23 MWh and output of 11.6 MW. This large buffer can store energy during peak production times and then feed it back into the grid later when consumption is very high. In return, the sonnen-City will also be able to contribute to the public power grid.

The sonnenBatteries also interact with a smart home controller to store solar power as well as distribute it with precision to each home’s air conditioning systems, lighting, and other power consumers such as pool pumps.

Thanks to the decentralised supply structure, the new town of Jasper is also less susceptible to power outages. Because all homes can supply themselves with energy, they can even bridge long outages in the public grid, for example during natural disasters.

Source: IWR Online, 27 Oct 2017