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NKT Awarded its Largest Offshore Export Cable order ever

Brøndby, Denmark - NKT is awarded a contract of approximately EUR 300 Million Euro (mn Euro) by 50Hertz. The contract is won in a consortium with Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles, who will install the offshore cable system.

The contract comprises supply of approximately 270 km of 220 kV high-voltage AC XLPE offshore export cable system, and approximately 8 km of 220 kV high-voltage AC XLPE onshore cable system for the Ostwind 2 offshore wind farm grid connection in Germany.

The cable system delivered by NKT for Ostwind 2 comprises three lots constituting the entire project. The NKT contract value of approximately 300 mn Euro in market prices, equivalent to approximately 255 mn Euro in standard metal prices, marks the company’s largest ever AC high-voltage export cable order.

“I am excited that we book our largest ever AC high-voltage export cable order with the Ostwind 2 project. This award is a recognition from 50Hertz, our customer for years, of our technology and know-how of complex high-voltage offshore projects”, NKT Interim CEO Roland M. Andersen said.

As the company points out, the order for Ostwind 2 underlines NKT’s leading position in the growing offshore wind market, and strong position in the renewable energy market in general. Including the present award, NKT has added large high-voltage cable orders worth more than 800 mn Euro to its order backlog during 2nd half 2018.

The export cable system for Ostwind 2 will be manufactured both in Karlskrona, Sweden, and in Cologne, Germany, with production start beginning of 2020. The wind farms connected via the Ostwind 2 grid connection, which is expected to be fully commissioned in end-2022, will be located approximately 40 km northeast of the German Island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea.

Source: IWR Online, 28 Nov 2018