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IRIS to Accelerate M&A Transactions for Renewable Energy Assets Around the World

Hamburg, Germany - Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH (Kaiserwetter) has launched its latest digital innovation: "IRIS – Analytics Machine."

IRIS is the first technology spin-off of ARISTOTELES, a highly awarded IoT platform. The algorithms developed by Kaiserwetter are the basis for the detailed analysis of operational data of renewable energy facilities for a given point in time. The data intelligence reached with this approach provides quick insight into the status of assets.

Smart data analytics and the subsequent implementation of machine learning allow for practice-oriented predictive analysis and are the key elements for a swift analysis of renewable energy facilities.

"Thanks to this unsurpassed level of data intelligence, we can significantly accelerate the technical due diligence process for wind farms and the respective machinery prior to M&A transactions. The results of these analyses are reports that Kaiserwetter provides to the client within five days," said Martin Kornemann, Chief Data Officer at Kaiserwetter, explaining the use case for M&A transactions. Mr. Kornemann added that "we developed IRIS to turn the analyzed data into useful information that will provide immediate added value to our clients."

IRIS with its detailed status and potential analysis currently focuses on wind energy facilities and entire wind parks. Potential clients for due diligence reports and the related potential analyses are investors, sellers, financing banks, rating agencies and M&A consultants. In addition to due diligence reports, Kaiserwetter also offers status reports and potential analyses, the latter being the smallest and most inexpensive analysis report option available from IRIS.

Source: IWR Online, 25 Jun 2019