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GESS IIIa: PV Off-Grid Systems - from Stand-Alone to Hybrid Mini-Grids

26.08.2019 - 30.08.2019
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Renewables Academy AG
Sch√∂nhauser Allee 10-11
10119 Berlin

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The current trend in rural electrification using solar PV systems moves in two major directions: Small systems using innovative ownership and financing models (e.g. PAYGO) and larger mini-grids where conventional power sources (e.g. Diesel generators) are being hybridized with or fully exchanged by solar PV systems combined with large Li-Ion storage systems. In your training at RENAC you will focus on the technological aspects of both developments. This will enable you to talk at eye level to consultants, experts and solution providers. Going beyond technological aspects, we will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences on key success factors for rural electrification. Hands-on exercises and working with real-life equipment in our training center will enrich your learning experience and is always named one of the highlights of a training at RENAC by our participants.


- Rural electrification with PV off-grid systems
- PV-diesel hybrid mini-grids (with and without energy storage)
- Project risk analysis, mitigation strategies
- Financial analysis and business models
- Hands-on work with solar equipment, incl. the assembly of your own PV off-grid systems
- Site visit to a PV off-grid system


1.500,00 €


Tel.:+49 (0)30 58 70870 52
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