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Change in the Board of Directors at OutSmart B.V.

Velp, The Netherlands (renewablepress) - The Dutch company OutSmart B.V., which specialises in Power Plant Management, has made changes to its board of directors. At the beginning of November, Dennis Schiricke became the sole CEO of the company. Erwin Coolen and Maarten de Keijzer, who formed the board of directors of OutSmart together with Dennis Schiricke, Jens Landwehr and Geert Timmers, are leaving.

OutSmart is focusing more on power plant management, and this has led to the board of directors being restructured. Over the last few years, OutSmart has developed into a mature organisation and shifted from being a lean consultancy company to a professional, independent operations company that specialises in power plant management and related services for onshore and offshore wind farms,” Dennis Schiricke said of the strong entrepreneurial development at OutSmart. Erwin Coolen and Maarten de Keijzer, both founders of OutSmart, have served in various roles within the organisation during that period, for example as Senior Project Manager, Business Developer.

OutSmart B.V. would like to thank both Erwin Coolen and Maarten de Keijzer for their inspiration, dedication and tireless work in building up the company.

About OutSmart B.V.
OutSmart is an independent company providing power plant management and management services for renewable energy sources in north-western Europe. Currently, OutSmart operates 2 GW of installed onshore and offshore wind power on behalf of clients with a focus on the European offshore market. The company was founded in 2006 and is a member of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group.

Velp, The Netherlands, 9 November 2017

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