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Markbygden Vind AB and ENERCON partner up to build one of Europe’s largest wind farm project in North Sweden

Aurich, Germany - End of May, wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON and Markbygden Vind AB, an affiliate of project developers Svevind AB, Tavelsjö, signed a cooperation agreement to develop and install one of Europe’s largest interconnected onshore wind farm projects.

On completion by approx. 2020, the installed capacity of the wind farm planned to cover an area of 450 square kilometres in Markbygden (municipality of Piteå) will be around 3000 to 3500 MW. The annual power output for the 2 MW class wind turbines is expected to be between 12 to 14 terawatt hours. Along with the wind project, ENERCON is planning, amongst other hings, to build a concrete tower production plant in the region creating 150 to 200 local jobs. And in order to guarantee smooth operations once the turbines have been installed, they will also be setting up a local maintenance and service station. Installation of the first wind turbines is scheduled for autumn 2008 and the entire project is expected to be completed by 2020.

“This is not only fantastic news for the wind industry, but also an enormous boost for wind power production in Sweden”, commented Wolfgang Kropp, chief partner and chairman of Svevind AB, on the event. Hans-Dieter Kettwig, Managing Director of ENERCON GmbH, pointed out the tremendous support the project received from regional politicians and expressed special thanks to Peter oslund, representative of the municipality of Piteå, as well as the governor of Norrbotten, Per Ola Ericsson. “ENERCON is extremely proud to participate in realising this trailblazing wind power project in Markbygden. The conditions in Norrbotten are ideal for wind energy. Of course, infrastructure around the farm including the grid still have to be meticulously planned and built up. But we are extremely confident that this project will be a success.”

Peter Roslund noted that North Sweden can look back on a long tradition of renewable energy. “We were amongst the first to produce electricity from hydropower and today we are looking at Piteå as a power producing site with a great future.”

Source: IWR Online, 13 Jun 2008