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GE’s advanced 1.6-100 Wind Turbine: more than 2 gigawatts since may

Schenectady, USA - GE (NYSE: GE) announced that it has recently secured more than 1,200 megawatts (MW) of commitments for its 1.6-100 wind turbine.

The 750 additional turbines bring the total number of orders and commitments to $2.7 billion and more than 2 gigawatts to date. In the past month alone developers have selected the turbine for 10 new projects. In total, 1,248 of the 1.6-100 wind turbine technology will be put into wind farms in North and South America over the next two years. Launched in May, GE’s 1.6-100 wind turbine is designed for increased performance and is the world’s most efficient wind turbine in its class.

“The strong industry acceptance of our 1.6-100 wind turbine underscores the continuing confidence of our customers in our technology,” said Victor Abate, vice president—renewable energy for GE Power & Water. “We set out to change the industry, proving that with technology advancements we could significantly improve the economics of wind. Our 1.6-100 has allowed our customers to develop wind farms in lower wind speed sites that were previously not viable.”

Source: IWR Online, 21 Sep 2011