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Vestas: Fourth phase of the Mishan project firmed

Beijing, China - In early 2010, China Guangdong Nuclear (CGN) awarded Vestas the first two phases of the Mishan project.

Since then, the third phase was also won by Vestas, indicating that the collaboration between the two companies is developing further. Vestas confirms that the fourth phase of the Mishan project (50 MW) will also go to Vestas. This brings the total capacity of the entire Mishan project to 200 MW, using one of the most proven technology platforms in the market: the V90-2.0 MW.

The Mishan project is a continuation of a number of successful projects that have outperformed CGN’s expectations in terms of productivity: The Hongji project (300 MW in six phases) and the Shangchuandao project (110 MW in three phases), both using Vestas’ V52-850 kW turbines, have delivered outstanding energy production.Jens Tommerup, President of Vestas China, says, "We are very proud to have built this series of wind power plants with CGN, and to have delivered as promised. The project size and the fact that CGN continues to choose Vestas for complex, mountainous sites such as Mishan proves their confidence in our products and capabilities. What we have done, among other things, to deal with this is redesigning the towers so they can be divided into more sections which eases transportation." The official statistics on the 2011 Chinese wind energy market, recently released by the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), ranks Vestas as the fifth largest turbine manufacturer in China – well ahead of other international players.

Source: IWR Online, 11 Apr 2012