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Albioma: French Court Confirms Authorisation to Operate Biomass Plant in Martinique

Paris - The Bordeaux Administrative Court of Appeal, in its judgment of 13 April 2017, decided to overturn the judgment of the Administrative Court of Fort-de-France of 4 October 2016, which had annulled the authorisation to operate the Galion 2 bagasse/biomass plant of Albioma.

All the objections raised by the Association for the Protection of the Heritage of Martinique against the project have been rejected. The plant´s operation is therefore once again fully authorised. Since early 2015, construction work on the plant has continued unabated and, as announced, commissioning of the plant is scheduled to take place in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The Galion 2 plant (installed capacity of 40 MW) will strengthen Martinique´s electricity network and contribute to meeting the island´s energy requirements. It is the first 100 percent biomass cogeneration plant in Martinique and will provide 15 percent of the island´s total electricity consumption. Based on a virtuous exchange with the Galion sugar refinery, the project aims to ensure the future of the refinery by making it more efficient.

Galion 2 is a project which has matured for 10 years with all the stakeholders, to increase Martinique´s share of renewable energy by 7 to 22 percent and thereby favour the island´s energy transition whilst respecting the most stringent environmental standards. The Galion 2 plant, financed by private investment, will help to increase employment in Martinique. Currently, 350 people are working on the site´s construction. Once the plant is in operation, it will create 34 direct jobs (including 32 in Martinique, in accordance with the Group´s commitments to promote local employment) and will generate more than 200 indirect jobs.

Source: IWR Online, 19 Apr 2017