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Vestas Expands 4 MW Platform to Unlock Sites With Extreme Weather Conditions

Aarhus, Denmark - As part of its efforts to offer innovative solutions to meet customer needs, Vestas is introducing the V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate wind turbine. According to Vestas this new variant of the 4 MW platform offers maximum energy production in low to medium wind speeds, while being designed to handle extreme weather conditions that have previously been challenging to exploit.

The V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate is being introduced at the 2019 Japan Wind Expo to highlight the turbine’s specific suitability for many project sites exposed to severe climate in Japan and Asia. As Vestas points out, the new variant is also applicable for other markets with similar conditions around the world, such as Southern China, Caribbean and UK, for both onshore and offshore sites.

Building directly on the V136-4.2 MW turbine, the Extreme Climate variant features design optimisations that include a re-enforced blade and a strengthened hub. The new variant is capable of withstanding extreme wind speeds of 53 m/s (exceeding IEC class I extreme wind speed), and extreme wind gusts of up to 74-78 m/s. The variant is also designed to withstand above-average frequency events and intensity of lightning strikes associated with Typhoons, such as those seen in Japan.

The V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate is also highly suitable for areas with low grid capacity, because of Vestas’ state-of-the-art full-scale converter that offers advanced active and reactive power capabilities.

Source: IWR Online, 07 Mar 2019