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GE Renewable Energy Improves Performance on up to 3.2 GW of Hydro Plants

Boulogne Billancourt, France – GE Renewable Energy signed a three-year agreement to provide predictive Operation and Maintenance (O&M) capabilities to the Enel group's hydro plants in Spain with a total capacity of up to 3.2 GW through a combination of digital tools and consultative services.

Contract partner is the the Enel Group's renewable business line Enel Green Power (EGP).

The project will start by evaluating the data coming from existing control and monitoring equipment, then it will collect data from individual plants gathering them in a centralized data lake. From there, data is continuously captured and analyzed with APM (Asset Performance Management) software. Predictive analytics from GE APM are gathered and combined with extensive real-world experience from the operation of hydro plants. GE's Hydro specialists will be supporting EGP in data analysis to make informed recommendations on areas for performance improvement and enhancement.

According to GE Renewables this new contract highlights the growing development of GE Renewable Energy in the digital hydropower space. Today, more than 90 hydropower plants generating more than 30 GW are globally under management by GE's APM solutions.

Source: IWR Online, 18 Jun 2019