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Bifacial Solar Systems: Start of Construction for Agri-PV System

Freiburg, Germany - The Netx2Sun GmbH has started the construction of a new PV plant with bifacial solar modules in Germany in Donaueschingen (Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis), in the district of Aasen.

The plant will be built on an agricultural area with a size of approx. 14 hectares. The special feature is the vertical east-west orientation of the solar modules, which are active on both sides. This changes the time window for electricity production, as the modules produce electricity primarily in the morning and in the evening. Thus, in regions where conventional southern plants are already connected, there is also a better utilisation of the grid infrastructure. In addition, the innovative Next2Sun system concept makes it possible for solar power generation and agriculture to coexist (Agri-PV), as green fodder can still be harvested on the solar park area in the future. Due to the vertical mounting of the modules, a green strip will also be created beneath the modules, offering insects, butterflies and small mammals new habitats and birds an improved supply of food.

A total of around 11,000 bifacial solar modules will be mounted on 5,800 frame elements. The system has a peak output of 4.1 megawatts. An annual energy yield of 4.6 million kilowatt hours (4,600 MWh) is expected, which according to Next2Sun is mathematically sufficient to cover the electricity needs of around 1,200 households. The investment volume amounts to 3.2 million euros, the commissioning of the plant is planned for the beginning of 2020. The future operator is Bürgersolarkraftwerke Donaueschingen-Aasen GmbH. The plant is financed by Solverde Bürgerkraftwerke Energiegenossenschaft eG.

Source: IWR Online, 21 Oct 2019