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Biogas for the UK - MT-ENERGIE commits to the UK-Biogas Market

Zeven, Germany and Reading, UK - MT-Energie GmbH, a privately owned company of the European biogas industry, commits to the UK-Biogas Market by opening the Reading-based MT-Energie UK LTD. The team of MT-Energie UK LTD is lead by Hardy Radke, a biogas specialist, who originally worked in the field of anaerobic wastewater and waste treatment. He sees a huge potential in the UK biogas market.

"With our biogas plants, components and services we not only serve the agricultural market, but also the expanding organic waste market. Our product portfolio includes biogas plants treating organic waste from public and private sector sources, providing solutions for waste management infrastructure programmes in Great Britain. We see a considerable commitment to biogas in the UK. The Government has clearly declared themselves in favour of the expansion of renewable energy", Radke says.

MT-Energie services include the project development, design, planning and building of biogas operations and special components such as biogas upgrading (bio-methane) and injection systems. One of the first appearances of MT-Energie UK at an exhibition will be at the Royal Show, which will take place from 7 until 10 July 2009 in Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

Source: IWR Online, 09 Apr 2009