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Siemens Wind Power
Answers for energy – Engineering the Wind

As the demand for clean power generation to meet the world’s growing energy need increases, Siemens Wind Power has the answers. Siemens is a leading supplier of wind power solutions with over 30 years experience in the wind energy business. With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering innovative solutions to onshore and offshore sites. Hamburg is headquarters of Siemens’ global wind power business since October 1st, 2011.

Siemens Wind Power’s service team is dedicated to keeping the turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle. The EMEA headquarters (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of Wind Power Service are located in Bremen. A comprehensive and flexible service concept guarantees optimal operational reliability and technical availability to our customers. Experienced teams support projects not only in the areas of inspection, maintenance and repair, but also contribute to the improvement of output and performance.

Business Sectors

Development, production, sales, installation and service of Siemens wind turbines, grid connection

Products and Services

Siemens Wind Turbines: SWT-2.3-82, SWT-2.3-93, SWT-2.3-101, SWT-2.3-113, SWT-3.6-107, SWT-3.0-101, SWT-3.6-120, SWT-6.0-154

Siemens Service Programs: SWPS-100B (Basic), SWPS-200A (Availability), SWPS-300W (Warranty), SWPS-420O (Offshore Availability), SWPS-430O (Offshore Warranty)

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