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Company Profile

The ENOVA company group has been operating in the field of renewable energy since 1989. As a comprehensive project developer and energy provider, ENOVA offers benefits to operators and investors from one source.

ENOVA focuses on developing, implementing and overseeing wind energy projects on land (on-shore) and at sea (off-shore) in Germany, as well as in other European countries. By integration of planning and execution of the technically and financially ambitious wind energy projects, the company group ensures a prompt and smooth implementation of the development plan. Furthermore, ENOVA, as a general contractor, has projected and brought to the network numerous photovoltaic plans.

As a project developer, ENOVA presses ahead with the planning of off-shore wind parks until their approval and attends to the plans, in every detail, from the concept to the construction phase. Altogether, 19 off-shore projects have been initiated by ENOVA to-date. Currently, the project cluster extends to about 1,100 square kilometres; with room for more than 1,200 installations, with a total power of approximately 8,000 megawatts. This makes ENOVA part of the biggest off-shore project developers in Germany. Apart from RIFFGAT, the closest off-shore wind farm to the coats, all project areas are located in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the North Sea.

These multi-billion projects are realised, in the medium term, with renowned partners from the energy sector. Building permits for the ENOVA off-shore wind parks „Delta Nordsee 1 + 2“, „RIFFGAT“ as well as „Innogy Nordsee 1“ already exist. With new applications in the previous year for the wind park site „NWSP 8-15,“ the planning for the already existent project cluster has been once more extended. In May of this year building of the off-shore wind park „RIFFGAT“, a joint project with the EWE AG, commenced.

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Business Sectors

  • Windenergy-projects onshore and offshore, in Germany and European Countries
  • Repowering
  • Energy optimisation 
  • Solar-projects

Products and Services

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