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PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH

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48691 Vreden


Company Profile

PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH is one of the leading biogas plant builders worldwide. The company's portfolio covers all areas of biogas technology and component supply, from design, planning and plant construction all the way to maintenance and biological support by our own in-house laboratory.
With a pan-European network of expertise in the field of biogas refinement to natural gas quality, the company is in direct contact with the technology leaser and offers comparisons of objective methods and the optimal method selection.
With the business unit PlanET RePowering, PlanET offers the possibility to increase the efficiency of existing facilities. The principle of the modular principle SYSTEMBIOGAS gives plant operators ans investors the opportunity to respond to any new developments in the biogas market at any time.
About 200 employees currently work solely at the company headquarters in Vreden, in the Münsterland area. Other staff are employed at the international offices in the Netherlands, France and Canada. PlanET has already designed and built over 230 biogas plants in the range of 40 kW to several MW.
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Business Sectors

Apart from consultancy and profitability calculation, PlanET will also take care of official planning and approval, turnkey engineering and construction as well as subsequent biological support and sustainable operation of biogas plants by our own accredited laboratory. As a matter of course our PlanET team also assists you with a broad range of services after the commissioning of your biogas plant.

Products and Services

Construction of: single plants, community plants, communal plants as well as plants for utilities, industrual companies and municipal utilities

Manufacturing, supply and service of: fermenters, secondary fermenters, storage tanks, mixing technology from manure pit to final disposal tank, pumping and distribution systems, air-supported roofs, concrete floors and external gas storage, gas and pilot injection CHP, control techniques and visualizations, gas analysis equipment, gas processing, pipelines for liquid manure, gas, electricity and heat, solid contributons and sight glasses

Our flexibility and huge range of services are guarantors for your success.

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