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Siemens and Juwi Cooperate on Microgrids for Mining Industry

Zug, Switzerland- The importance of microgrids for the supply of off-grid mining sites on the basis of renewable energies is increasing. Siemens and Juwi will cooperate in a technology partnership to further develop a proven solution.

Siemens and the renewable energy developer juwi have joined forces to enter into a strategic technology partnership to focus on microgrids in the mining industry. The two companies, who signed a corresponding agreement, aim to roll-out and continually develop the advanced microgrid control system that enables the seamless integration of power from renewable energy to a mine’s off-grid power supply. As Siemens points out, the company’s Sicam based microgrid control platform is a proven and tested technology which is the basis for juwi´s Hybrid IQ microgrid controller. juwi, on the other hand, brings industry-specific domain know-how and an excellent track record of planning and executing renewable energy projects at mine sites.

The solution adapts to changing ore bodies, processing and power requirements whilst providing detailed reporting and analysis to operations teams and management. Together, the strategic partners are going to create a unique, standardized solution for the mining market. This shall simplify the use of renewable energy for mines and help provide a cost-effective and reliable power supply, especially for mine sites that operate off the grid.

The co-operation between juwi and Siemens has already resulted in the successful delivery of the solar power plant at Agnew Gold in Australia. The partnership also provides hybrid power to Australia’s largest and oldest marine research station on the Great Barrier Reef. Heron Island now uses juwi Hybrid IQ to combine solar with a redox flow battery to replace Diesel fuel. Both projects showcase the next generation of hybrid systems and enable mine sites to significantly lower their carbon footprint and their cash operating costs.

Source: IWR Online, 25 Nov 2019