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Insolvency of Senvion: Drehpunkt Offers Solution for Data Retrieval From Senvion Turbines

Rostock, Germany - The insolvency of Senvion has unsettled numerous operators of Senvion wind turbines and led to open questions regarding the future monitoring of the wind turbines. According to Drehpunkt GmbH from Rostock, it is unclear if the online portal provided by the manufacturer remains in operation.

There are reports from some operators that turbine data are no longer retrieved via the online portal. Even if the maintenance contract is transferred to an independent service provider, there might still be a risk that access to the Senvion portal could be shut down and works managers might no longer be able to access the data of the wind turbines, according to Drehpunkt GmbH, which is specialized in the management and monitoring of renewable energy turbines.

However, a software solution from Drehpunkt for the data retrieval of Senvion turbines, which does not require the Senvion online portal, can provide a certain relaxation. The data of the connected turbines can be read out directly via this portal. The interface works for all Senvion plants with a Bachmann M1 controller. Real-time and aggregated 10-minute, day and status data can be read out and provided.

"We have been offering the Senvion interface to our customers since mid-2018, when the insolvency was yet unforeseeable. The fact that this well-known manufacturer had to leave the market came as a surprise to us", says Stefan Goldmann, developer at Drehpunkt GmbH.

Source: IWR Online, 28 Nov 2019