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Takeover: Rope Access Solutions GmbH to Be Part of PNE Group in Future

Cuxhaven - Rope Access Solutions GmbH (RAS) in Bremen was taken over by Energy Consult GmbH, a wind farm management company belonging to the PNE Group, and integrated into the wholly owned subsidiary MEB Safety Services GmbH (MEB). RAS is special service provider in the field of rope access technology.

In addition to rotor blade and tower work on wind turbines, the company also offers services for work at heights and in depths in other industrial sectors. Further focal points are education and training in rope-supporting work techniques and the sale of components in the field of personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PSAgA).

By integrating RAS into MEB, the PNE Group is further expanding its services for the operation of wind turbines and wind farms in line with its scale-up strategy. Rope Access Solutions and MEB Safety Services will be maintained as brands.

MEB Safety Services GmbH was taken over by energy consult GmbH in 2018 and is now a service provider for various safety systems in wind power turbines with a focus on operating equipment tests, obstruction marking as well as fire alarm and extinguishing systems.

"This is a further step towards expanding the services offered under the umbrella of the PNE Group. PNE is thus consistently continuing the strategic expansion of its business model", says Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG.

Source: IWR Online, 10 Dec 2019