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Offshore Wind Farm EnBW Baltic 2: EnBW Relocates Service Hub to Danish Port of Klintholm

Karlsruhe, Rostock / Germany – Until now, the up to 25 service employees for the work in the offshore wind farm EnBW Baltic 2 in the Baltic Sea have always travelled from Rostock to a hotel vessel close to the wind farm.

This will end in August 2020. After that, the service will be carried out via the Danish port of Klintholm on Møn, which, according to EnBW, is much better located for service than any German port.

A hotel and a service building are currently being built in Klintholm, from where the employees will be ferried to the wind farm in the mornings and evenings during their two-week duty roster. The hotel is scheduled to open in August to accommodate the service teams. The service building in the port area is scheduled for completion as early as July, wehn the first spare parts will be taken into storage there. Both buildings are rented out under contract for at least ten years, thus ensuring a long-term commitment.

"With a trip time of only just over an hour, accommodation on land is far more cost-effective," says Kent Hougaard of EnBW Offshore Services Danmark (EOS) about the reason for the relocation. Klintholm is thus an ideal service hub for wind farms in this part of the Baltic Sea. Baltic 2 continues to be controlled, however, by remote data link from the control room in Barhöft, Mecklenburg.

Normally, service teams of most offshore wind farms are flown in by helicopter either on a daily basis or for two-week stays on a hotel vessel which is located close to the wind farm.

Source: IWR Online, 23 Apr 2020