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Deutsche Windtechnik Signs Up 110 More Senvion Turbines

Bremen, Germany - Since the beginning of the year, Deutsche Windtechnik AG from Bremen has signed contracts for 110 further Senvion turbines of the MM92 to 6.2M series in 32 wind farms.

The onshore wind farms are located at sites in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK and comprise various turbine types of all generations. The total portfolio of Senvion wind turbines (WTGS) at Deutsche Windtechnik thus amounts to 2,446 megawatts (MW).

69 of the newly contracted turbines are located in Germany, Belgium and France and are mainly undergoing full maintenance. The wind turbines have already been integrated into the existing service network of Deutsche Windtechnik. The service of a further 41 wind turbines in the UK is supported from Germany. The French unit of Deutsche Windtechnik now services 87 turbines and has thus almost doubled its Senvion portfolio. The full maintenance contracts are mainly for Senvion-MM92 wind turbines at various onshore locations in continental France and Belgium. In order to make the best possible use of existing infrastructure and know-how, Deutsche Windtechnik SARL works closely with its colleagues in the German unit.

According to the independent maintenance company, the latest cooperation agreements of Deutsche Windtechnik cover not only classic service activities for wind turbines, but also remote monitoring and technical support for Senvion plant technology. Thus, in the past few months, individual contracts have been concluded for the global provision of spare parts.

Jörg Fuchs, Head of Sales Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service, sees Deutsche Windtechnik in a changed role: "Recent developments in the wind industry are a challenge for all market participants. We are seeing a huge increase in demand in all service areas, such as the fast delivery of spare parts or technical support. We are taking over some of the responsibilities that used to be the domain of the manufacturer".

In order to be able to respond to the increased demand from markets where Deutsche Windtechnik does not yet have its own service structures, Deutsche Windtechnik has founded the International Services (TIS) team, which is staffed with supporters and engineers who have extensive knowledge of Senvion wind turbines, Fuchs continues.

In addition to technical maintenance services for Senvion turbines, Deutsche Windtechnik focuses on plant technology from the wind turbine manufacturers Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Fuhrländer, Gamesa and Enercon. Meanwhile, more than 5,280 wind turbines are serviced worldwide by over 1,550 employees under fixed maintenance contracts (basic and full maintenance).

Source: IWR Online, 18 May 2020