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Scandinavian Wind Market: Nordex Receives Further Order from Energiequelle in Finland

Hamburg, Germany - As recently as April, international wind farm developer Energiequelle awarded the Nordex Group a contract for the delivery and installation of the Finnish wind farms "Takanebacken" and "Torvenkylä" with a total capacity of 68 megawatts (MW). Now Energiequelle has again awarded Nordex Group a contract for the supply and installation of turbines in Finland.

Nordex will supply eight N163/5.X turbines for the 45.6 MW "Lumivaara" project from mid-2023. Like the two previous orders, the new order also includes a premium service contract for the turbines over the long term of 30 years.

The site of the "Lumivaara" wind farm is located in the municipality of Hyrynsalmi in the northeastern Finnish landscape of Kainuu. Nordex will supply the N163 turbines in the project-specific 5.7 MW operating mode. The machines will be configured in the cold climate version for operation at temperatures down to -30° C and equipped with the Nordex Advanced Anti-Icing System for the rotor blades.

" With a project as demanding as Lumivaara, it is of the utmost importance that we can utilize turbine technology that is optimally designed for harsh climatic conditions," said Nils Borstelmann, CEO of Energiequelle Oy. In addition, it was crucial that Nordex has a well-established service network in the region and can thus ensure optimal operation of the turbines, Borstelmann added.

Following the substantial losses since the beginning of April, Nordex stock has been in calmer waters last week. The shares of the RENIXX Group closed last week with a slight price increase of 0.3 percent at 19.06 euros (21.05.21).

Source: IWR Online, 25 May 2021