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Deutsche Windtechnik Establishes Full-Service Offshore Unit in UK

Bremen, Germany / Edinburgh, UK - The UK is at the forefront of the global offshore markets and is planning long-term investments in the further expansion of offshore wind energy. Deutsche Windtechnik is strengthening its activities in the UK offshore market with a new service unit.

Maintenance specialist Deutsche Windtechnik, headquartered in Bremen, has established a new country unit in the UK for the maintenance of offshore wind farms. Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd." began its work on August 1st and is managed as an independent company in close cooperation with the onshore country unit founded in 2016.

Establishment of new UK onshore unit in full swing

Deutsche Windtechnik has already successfully implemented individual offshore projects in the UK since 2019. These mainly included major component replacements and expert activities such as endoscope inspections of drive train components. With the establishment of a new UK country unit, Deutsche Windtechnik is also bringing the company's flexible maintenance expertise to the British offshore market and aims to get closer to local customers and the offshore wind farms off the British coast. "The expansion goals of the British offshore market are unique in the world. Our advantage is that we will benefit in many ways from our extensive experience in the offshore markets of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Taiwan while building up our new offshore unit in the UK", said Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd Carl Rasmus Richardsen.

Deutsche Windtechnik is currently working on providing the full range of services to existing and future customers in the UK. "We are developing sustainable structures and partnerships for logistics, spare parts management, training, project management and much more", said Rosie Beevor, Offshore Operations Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd.

Deutsche Windtechnik offers flexible full service above and below water

Deutsche Windtechnik is one of the top offshore service providers internationally. For more than a decade, the company has been handling various tasks related to offshore maintenance. In the meantime, more than 200 employees are active only for offshore maintenance; globally and including onshore, about 1,950 people work for Deutsche Windtechnik.

The services provided in the offshore sector include manufacturer-independent turbine maintenance, troubleshooting, major component exchange, balance of plants (transition piece, foundation and related structures), offshore substations, expert opinions and technical inspections above and below water. Specialised teams from the in-house central technical controlling department are responsible for wind farm operation, logistics, technical management, operations monitoring (24/7 monitoring, network management and switching operations), marine coordination and site management.

In doing so, Deutsche Windtechnik relies on a flexible approach and broad technological know-how, taking into account all safety aspects. "Our great advantage is that we coordinate and bundle individual jobs at the corresponding offshore clusters and wind farms in a technologically and logistically efficient way. The resulting savings in time, personnel and costs will also make a difference in the UK and will continue to drive offshore wind energy forward there too”, Richardsen says of Deutsche Windtechnik's approach.

Source: IWR Online, 25 Aug 2021