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New Management: VSB Group Expands Location In Italy

Dresden, Germany / Rome, Italy - Project developer and operations manager VSB is focusing on further regionalizstion in the expansion of renewable energies in Italy. To this end, a new location has been opened in the capital Rome.

In the future, wind energy and photovoltaic projects in central Italy will be handled from here. This includes both the securing of areas and the approval planning all the way up to construction.

VSB has been planning and developing wind energy and photovoltaic projects in Italy since 2011. The Rome location is an ideal addition to the existing VSB branches in Palermo and Potenza, which have so far mainly served the country’s southern regions.

"The spatial proximity to the Italian non-profit environmental organisations, to the Italian Wind and Solar Energy Associations, but also to national authorities, offers the best prerequisites for sharing experience and embarking on joint initiatives. This will allow us to drive the Italian energy transition even more efficiently," Giuseppe de Benedictis, Managing Director of VSB in Italy, is pleased about the new opportunities and potential.

Italy plans to be able to cover 32 percent of its total energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030. According to VSB, this will increase the total capacity of renewable energies from the current 30 GW to at least 70 GW in 2030. Photovoltaic and wind power plants are expected to play the most important role in the country's energy mix.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Sep 2021