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138 MW Capacity: Nordex Receives Wind Power Orders From Poland And Ukraine

Hamburg, Germany - Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is again scoring with orders in Poland and Ukraine. In total, the order volume amounts to 138.1 MW.

In Poland, Nordex is supplying a total of 20 N117/3600 turbines for two projects totalling 70.9 MW. Eleven turbines are planned for the 38.5 MW "Liskowo" wind farm in northern Poland. Here, the Danish project developer European Energy A/S has ordered the N117/3600 turbines on 134-meter steel tube towers for its sixth wind farm in the country. The other nine turbines will be built for a 32.4 MW wind farm, also located in northern Poland. All turbines are scheduled for delivery and erection in mid-2022. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2023.

Business in Ukraine also continues to pick up for the Nordex Group. At the end of September, the Turkish company Eksim Yatirim Holding A.S. ordered 14 N149/4.X turbines for its first wind project in Ukraine. The "Skole" wind farm with a total capacity of 67.2 MW is being built near the town of Skole in western Ukraine. Construction of the turbines will start in March 2022 and all turbines are expected to feed clean green electricity into the Ukrainian grid from fall 2022.

Eksim has been active in wind energy business since 2011 and today operates eight wind farms with a total capacity of 451 MW in Turkey, all of which have been equipped with Nordex turbines. With the Skole project, Eksim and the Nordex Group have extended their business cooperation to Ukraine. Skole is Eksim's first wind park investment outside Turkey.

In a generally weak stock market environment, the stock of the RENIXX company Nordex, which has been under pressure since last week, continues to weaken today. Nordex is currently trading at a loss of 4.0 percent at a price of EUR 12.96 (October 6, 2021, 3:11 p.m., Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 06 Oct 2021