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Nel ASA: Enova Funding Provides Breakthrough for Hydrogen Project in Glomfjord

Oslo, Norway - Enova announced that Glomfjord Hydrogen, where Nel owns 23 percent of the shares, will receive up to NOK 150 million in funding as one of five maritime hydrogen hubs along the Norwegian coastline.

“This is great news for Glomfjord Hydrogen and Nel. The funding from Enova is crucial for the realization of the project.” says Nel’s CEO Jon André Løkke.

Glomfjord Hydrogen plans to establish a 20 MW hydrogen plant in Glomfjord in Meløy municipality for production of renewable hydrogen to customers in the maritime sector. The project, which is owned by Greenstat ASA, Meløy commune and Troms Kraft ASA in addition to Nel, was initiated in June 2016.

According to Løkke, the 20 MW electrolyser plant in Glomfjord will be the same size after realisation as the current largest hydrogen plant in Europe, which is Iberdrola's hydrogen production plant in Puertollano, Spain, for which Nel has also supplied the electrolysers.

Enova, a state-owned company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, has also announced that four more hydrogen centres will be funded. These projects will be built at sites in Rørvik, Hitra, Florø and Kristiansand.

The five hydrogen hubs will be supported with up to NOK 669 million from Enova. Furthermore, the governmental institution will support seven pioneering hydrogen- and ammonia-powered vessels with more than NOK 451 million.

Source: IWR Online, 24 Jun 2022