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Press release

WSB sells first Italian wind park

29 megawatt project expected to bring power to the grid in June 2015

Dresden - The Dresden based WSB Group has sold Melfi I, a wind park in Italy currently under construction. This is the first project of the Genoa based WSB subsidiary VSB energia verde S.R.L. which was founded in 2011.

Parallel to the sale of the 29 megawatt park in the southern Italian region of Basilicata, preparations for the construction work have been initiated. Work is currently underway on the access roads and crane parking areas for a total of ten wind turbines. Eight of the ten turbines operate on a 3 megawatt platform. It is the first time that this turbine type will be set by the manufacturer in Italy and the turnkey construction is scheduled for June 2015. Andreas Dorner, Managing Director of WSB Neue Energien Holding GmbH explains: \"We have developed a comprehensive package of optimal site conditions and powerful equipment which ensures a great start for the team in Italy.\"

This wind park confirms WSB’s successful entry into the Italian energy market. The next project of 18 MW will follow seamlessly in the neighbouring area where nine turbines are scheduled to go into operation by the end of the 2015.

About the WSB Group
The WSB Group, based in Dresden, Germany, is a leading full-service provider of renewable energy projects. Its core business encompasses the development and sale of wind and solar parks throughout all of Europe. Since 1996, WSB has installed more than 380 wind turbines and solar plants, totalling 680 megawatts of installed capacity and a combined project value of 1.1 billion euros. The Group and its associated companies employ over 200 members of staff.

Dresden, 27 November 2014

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