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Green stocks: RENIXX World up 17 per cent in 2014

Muenster - Green shares have ended 2014 in the main with their market prices well up. As of year-end, according to the German renewable energy institute IWR, the RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index) stock index stood at 374.84 points, which was 17.1 per cent higher than a year ago (2013: 320.11). The year before the RENIXX World had increased by 89.8 per cent. \"The continued fall in the oil price in the last quarter of 2014 ultimately prevented a much higher rise in the RENIXX\", said IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch in Muenster. At some points over the year the RENIXX was up by some 40 per cent.

No clear industry-typical trend could be seen in \"green\" shares over 2014. The spotlight fell rather on individual equities. The highest rise was recorded by shares in the Chinese photo-electric energy specialist Hanergy Thin Film. Its shares climbed by 261.5 per cent (EUR 0.28), reaching top place in the RENIXX World, ahead of the US fuel-cell manufacturer Plug Power (up 118.1 per cent, EUR 2,59) and US solar- and wind-power project developer Sunedison (up 74.6 per cent, EUR 16.14). Among the top securities in the wind-power industry were Chinese manufacturer Goldwind, whose shares were up 68.7 per cent (EUR 1.27), ahead of Nordex from Germany, whose shares saw a rise of 56.3 per cent (EUR 15.01).

Some solar-energy shares recorded heavy losses. Shares in solar-power equipment supplier GT Advanced Technologies of the USA lost 95.1 per cent (EUR 0.31). Shares in Swiss solar-power equipment supplier Meyer Burger saw a slide of 41.3 per cent (EUR 5.10). Trina Solar (China) was next on the losers\' list, with a loss of 32.4 per cent (EUR 7.00).

About the RENIXX
The RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index) is the first global stock index to register the performance of 30 of the worlds’ leading listed companies in the pioneering field of renewable energies. Inclusion and weighting in the RENIXX is governed by free-float market capitalisation. The RENIXX World (ISIN: DE000RENX014) can be called up world-wide via the international financial-information providers Reuters and Bloomberg and, for example, via the Financial Times.

Muenster, 5 January 2015

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