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Stormy weather brings new record month for wind power

Muenster - The stormy and unsettled weather of the last weeks has brought a new record for wind energy in Germany. December 2014 saw just under nine billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of wind power electricity generated in Germany, more than ever produced in one month before, the German renewable energy institute IWR has announced. These figures are based on an analysis of preliminary data from the European Energy Exchange (EEX).

The total of 8.9 billion kilowatt hours of wind power-produced electricity exceeded the previous record of December 2011 (8.4 billion kWh). \"The main reason for this record month for wind power electricity comes from current cyclonic meteorological conditions, with a large number of lower-pressure areas\", said IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch in Muenster. The new wind power record could be broken in 2015, however, says the IWR. Numerous new offshore windfarms will be coming into production for the first time in 2015, and these will be generating electricity mainly in the windy and high-consumption months of winter.

Muenster, 12 January 2015

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