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Sun and wind provide Germany with as much electricity as 40 large power plants

Muenster - The series of storms this week enabled Germany to set a new record for wind and solar power. According to IWR, a German renewable energy institute based in Muenster, wind and solar facilities delivered nearly 44,000 megawatt (MW) of power during peak times on Monday, 30 March 2015. That is equivalent to the output of roughly 40 large power plants of average size. During this time, solar systems produced with a peak power of more than 13,000 MW, with wind turbines adding more than 30,000 MW. The figures are based on an analysis of preliminary data from the electricity exchange and network operators. The output exceeded the previous all-time record for wind and solar in April 2014 (38,000 MW) by nearly 16 percent. “Ten years ago, many experts would have thought an output record like this to be inconceivable,” said IWR Director Norbert Allnoch in Muenster.

Muenster, 2 April 2015

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