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Green stocks: RENIXX World gained almost 40 per cent in the first half-year 2015

Muenster - "Green" stocks continued on an upward trajectory in the first half of 2015. According to the Muenster-based IWR, a renewable energy institute, the RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), the leading international stock index for the renewable energy industry, climbed 39.3 per cent to 522.25 points from January to June.
"The global growth of renewable energies is gaining considerable momentum at present", said IWR Director, Norbert Allnoch. "This growth is reflected in burgeoning profits, raised forecasts and higher market capitalisations for most RENIXX-listed companies." The market capitalisation of all 30 RENIXX shares stood at EUR 112 billion on 01.07.2015 (approx. USD 100 billion).

The Chinese solar supplier Hanergy Thin Film and the fuel cell manufacturer Fuelcell Energy have been replaced as part of the regular reshuffle of the index. The new additions to the RENIXX are the Canadian fuel specialist Ballard Power and the Norwegian solar power plant developer and operator Scatec Solar.

About the RENIXX
The RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index) is the first global stock index to register the performance of 30 of the worlds’ leading listed companies in the pioneering field of renewable energies. Inclusion and weighting in the RENIXX is governed by free-float market capitalisation. The RENIXX World (ISIN: DE000RENX014) can be called up world-wide via the international financial-information providers Reuters and Bloomberg and, for example, via the Financial Times.
ISIN: DE000RENX014, Reuters RIC: .RENIXX
About RENIXX World:
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Muenster, 3 July 2015

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