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WIND-consult is accredited for the determination of the site quality after commissioning according to Technical Guideline 10 (TR10)

© WIND-consult GmbH
© WIND-consult GmbH
Admannshagen-Bargeshagen (renewablepress) - The determination of the site quality after commissioning has to be carried out according to EEG by DIN EN ISO IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratories. Prerequisite for the accreditation is the successful participation in the round robin test for the determination of the site quality, carried out by the Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und anderer Dezentraler Energien e.V. (FGW).

After successful participation in last year's round robin test of the FGW, WIND-consult was able to formally apply for accreditation and has been DAkkS accredited for this testing area since April 01, 2022 (certificate number: D-PL-11098-01-00).

The heart of the calculations is a software application developed by WIND-consult. This application was developed in the course of many years of active cooperation in the FGW's Technical Committee on Operational Data and Site Quality and has successfully demonstrated the high quality standards in the FGW's round robin test test.

The determination of the site quality must be carried out after 5, 10 and 15 years of operation on the basis of the operating data according to the procedure defined in the FGW Technical Guideline 10. This is used to determine the correction factor described in the EEG for the amount of remuneration. Only with this proof are operators of wind turbines entitled to claim payment according to the EEG.

If a deviation of more than 2 % from the previously determined site quality is determined, additional payments or refunds are due. It may therefore be necessary to make provisions within the operating period. For this reason, it is advisable to determine the site quality on a regular basis so that it is possible to react in time if necessary.

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© WIND-consult GmbH

Admannshagen-Bargeshagen, 20 June 2022

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