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Rewire Energy and Clean Energy Blockchain Network Announce Strategic Alliance

Saratoga Springs, USA - Rewire Energy and the Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN) jointly announced a new partnership that will pair Rewire’s software development, energy analytics, financial modeling and utility program management expertise with CEBN’s extensive blockchain and distributed energy capabilities to offer municipal and utility customers a dynamic new technology resource.

The Rewire + CEBN venture will focus on technology challenges – both hardware and software – that is slowing adoption of Smart City and blockchain initiatives across the Northeast. The firms are combining their technical expertise in integrated Smart Energy transaction processing, blockchain technology and business model innovation. The combined technologies will be deployed to address the challenges municipalities and utilities face when considering how to successfully navigate the complexities associated with the adoption of distributed energy resources when launching their Smart Building and Smart City program initiatives.

Specifically, the new partnership will focus on strategic initiatives including:

  • Municipal Smart Energy Platform: development of this platform will allow governments and other municipal entities to easily adopt smart energy solutions that optimize consumption patterns, saving energy and reducing costs (joint response to NYS REV Connect);
  • Peer-to-peer energy trading applications: innovative web and mobile technology solutions that allow peer-to-peer energy trading, enabling neighbors to buy and sell excess renewable energy;
  • Creative energy solutions for Low to Moderate Income (LMI) Housing: with a packaged approach that combines solar, storage and energy management, the team will provide access to clean energy credits for LMI housing projects.
Rewire, based in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York, is a family-owned minority business enterprise that provides in-depth strategic energy consulting services. Their expertise was sought to support the energy plan for the Link @ SoBro project in Saratoga and have been working with the City of Schenectady on new smart grid projects.

CEBN is a Massachusetts-based platform company offering trading of clean renewable energy and carbon credits, as well as in-depth technology and energy expertise. The CEBN team of experts have deployed automated clean energy verification systems with audited Certified Clean Energy™, enabling live transaction execution via a flexible API-based architecture. CEBN tracks clean energy, and its associated credits, from generation to final use on a blockchain-based platform.

The new partnership commenced in late 2018 focused initially on NY State opportunities but has begun seeking projects in the broader Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states with commercial, institutional, utilities and both state and local governments.

Source: IWR Online, 13 May 2019