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EnBW Hohe See Offshore Wind Farm: First Wind Turbine Generating Power

Karlsruhe, Borkum, Heligoland / Germany - The first wind turbine in the EnBW „Hohe See“ offshore wind farm now generated and fed into the grid the wind farm’s first kilowatt-hour of electricity.

Weather permitting, two wind turbines are to be brought into operation each day.

EnBW has already completed 49 of the 87 wind turbines in Hohe See and in the adjacent Albatros wind farm. The two offshore wind farms are located in the German North Sea. Installation vessels “Brave Tern” and “Blue Tern” load the components for four wind turbines at a time at the port of Esbjerg in Denmark and attach them offshore to foundations already installed in the seabed.

EnBW has been building offshore wind farms since 2010. The full complement of 87 wind turbines totalling 609 megawatts installed capacity are expected to be connected to the grid by the end of 2019 and will generate as much energy as a modern gas-fired power plant. Arithmetically speaking, that is enough to supply all households in Munich with green energy.

Source: IWR Online, 17 Jul 2019