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Plambeck Emirates and Saipem Sign MOU to Build a Floating Offshore Windfarm in Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi – Plambeck Emirates LLC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as well as an exclusive agreement with Saipem, leading company in engineering, drilling and construction in the energy and infrastructure sectors , for the development and realization of a floating offshore windfarm.

The following steps in the development of the project will start in the next weeks via Plambeck Emirates entity Plambeck Saudi, located in Riyadh. Both partners will use their extensive experience and know how, to create an exemplary and innovative project, which fits exactly in the Saudi Arabian renewable energy strategy and therefor will be a part of the government’s policy “Vision 2030”.

The commencement of realization activities by Saipem as an EPCI contractor for the balance of plant is subject to the finalization of financial agreements at the end of the development phase, following which the EPCI contract will be signed. The contract will see Saipem entrusted with the engineering, design, construction and installation of the entire project and related services. The wind turbine supplier will come on board in a later stage of the development phase of the project.

Norbert Plambeck, shareholder of Plambeck Emirates LLC say: “The development of the 500 MW floating offshore wind project is part of the 5 GW New Wind Market concept, which be have proposed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are very proud to have with Saipem an internationally experienced global solution provider on board, with whom we can jointly take the next project development steps. In addition, the implementation of the project with Saipem as a strong international group is already technically secured.”

Francesco Balestrino, Renewables and Green Tech Product Manager within the Xsight division say: “We believe that the Wind Market in Saudi Arabia can be boosted by innovative solutions for the construction of the offshore wind farms such as the Hexafloat, the Saipem own technology, with reduced schedule and lower costs. Starting the new Market in Saudi is an important opportunity to seize and we are ready with Plambeck for this new challenge.”

Source: IWR Online, 18 Jul 2019