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Service Configurator ZULU for Renewable Energy Assets Is now also Available for Solar Parks

Hamburg , Germany - ZULU, the world's first online service configurator for the technical and financial management of wind energy facilities developed by Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH, is also available for photovoltaic power plants now.

According to Kaiserwetter, the online system allows investors, owners and operators of renewable energy assets to pick and choose from 13 services for the technical and financial management as needed. In addition to this modular set-up, another major innovation is that "within minutes, ZULU will display a fixed yearly price online for every selected service and create a ready-to-sign agreement," says Thomas Oetjen, head of the Kaiserwetter performance unit.

With ZULU Kaiserwetter offers a service that disrupts previous conventions and standards both in terms of structure (customizable modules), contractual term (anywhere between one and three years) and pricing (significantly lower). By introducing ZULU, the Hamburg-based company is making the standard practice of yield-dependent management fees for wind and solar parks obsolete. ZULU considerably decreases operating expenses (OPEX) for wind and solar parks. In addition, with ZULU, the terms of all contracts are considerably more flexible than usual.

"ZULU has been designed mainly to provide transparency regarding the services offered. In addition, the yearly fixed price is displayed online, which allows for cost reliability when choosing a service. More than anything, we are setting a new industry standard by using an online pricing approach,” says Heiko Bieber, head of business development at Kaiserwetter, about the benefits of ZULU.

Source: IWR Online, 13 Sep 2019