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Notus Plans Wind Farms With a Capacity of 270 MW in Ukraine

Potsdam, Germany - In April 2019, the Notus Energy Group acquired the rights to build three wind farms with a total capacity of up to 270 MW in the Ukraine.

The projects are located in the districts of Roksolany, Ovid and Libental, around 30 kilometres west of Odessa.

The wind turbines are expected to be completed by 2021. 54 high-yield 5-megawatt wind turbines with a total height of around 250 meters each are planned. Notus Energy announced that the project had been taken over at an advanced stage by a local partner.

The structured financing, technical planning, construction and operation will be carried out by NOTUS energy. The 270 MW project in the Ukraine is part of the project pipeline of currently 2,310 MW, Notus announced.

Source: IWR Online, 26 Sep 2019