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Cooperation of RDRWind and VGB PowerTech Strengthens Synergies in the Engineering Sector

Hannover, Essen / Germany - In the wake of the end of the 20-year feed-in tariff scheme under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a growing number of old wind turbine generators are expected to be dismantled in the coming years.

In Germany alone, some 16,000 MW of currently about 59,400 MW will likely be dismantled before the year 2025, amounting to 25 % of installed wind energy capacity – an effort that poses organisational, logistical and technical challenges.

A successful and sustainable dismantling process, as a natural stage in a turbine’s lifecycle, not only ensures transparency and increases local approval and support of wind energy but also enhances acceptance of possible repowering projects.

With this aim in mind, the industrial associations RDRWind e.V. and VGB PowerTech e.V. have signed a cooperation agreement at HUSUM Wind 2019. As part of this cooperation essential issues of dismantling management will be jointly discussed and dealt with. The cooperation will include research projects, a coordinated knowledge management, a quality seal for sustainable dismantling and the participation in elaborating industry standards.

Currently, the DIN SPEC 4866 “Nachhaltige Demontage und Recycling von Windenergieanlagen (Sustainable dismantling and recycling of wind turbines)” (DIN SPEC 4866) is on the agenda. RDRWind e.V. initiated this work jointly with the DIN. The DIN SPEC 4866 will now be completed with the technical support of VGB PowerTech e.V. and will be published next year.

Source: IWR Online, 26 Sep 2019