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Project Transaction: CEE Group Acquires Further Wind Farm Project in Germany

Hamburg, Germany - The Hamburg based renewable asset manager CEE has expanded its portfolio to a total rated output of 435 megawatts (MW) by taking over the Schwalbach wind farm in the southwest of the Saarland from the Dutch wind project provider Dunoair.

The wind farm consists of four Enercon E-115 turbines and has a total capacity of 12 MW. The Schwalbach wind farm consists of four Enercon E-115 turbines and has a total capacity of 12 MW. CEE Operations GmbH will be responsible for the commercial management of the asset, while DunoAir Windpark Management B.V. will oversee technical operations of the wind farm which in 2018 produced approximately 35 million kWh of clean electricity. he Schwalbach wind farm is already the third project in which CEE and Dunoair are working together.

In addition to the wind energy sector, the CEE Group is also active in the solar energy sector. Here the asset manager has a photovoltaic portfolio of around 315 MWp. With assets under management of around EUR 1.4 billion, the CEE Group invests in energy generation projects in the wind and solar sectors. The investors of the CEE Group are institutional investors with a long-term interest in investments in renewable energies. The CEE Group was acquired by Brookfield Asset Management in 2017.

Dunoair has expanded the company's turbine portfolio to almost 90 wind turbines with a total capacity of 220 MW, and around 500 million euros have been invested in the projects during this time. A further 300 MW are currently still in the pipeline.

Source: IWR Online, 18 Dec 2019