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Nordex Expands Production for Delta4000 Wind Turbines

Hamburg, Germany - Hamburg-based wind power manufacturer Nordex is now also manufacturing the Delta4000 series wind turbines (WTGs) in Spain, its second location in Europe. Following the orders for new turbines, Nordex can also score points in the service area.

Worldwide demand for Nordex Delta4000 series wind turbines is growing. In order to be able to respond specifically to this increase in demand, the wind power manufacturer is also producing the series in Spain. Nordex is already planning a volume of around 250 nacelles with a capacity of over 1,000 MW in 2020. In the service and maintenance segment, the wind turbine manufacturer has received new orders from Uruguay and the United States.

Nordex Group now also producing Delta4000 wind turbines in Spain

Nordex started producing turbines of the Delta4000 series at its factory in La Vall d’Uixó, Spain. After the German production facility in Rostock this is the second plant in Europe manufacturing turbines from the Nordex platform. On 12 December the first nacelle for an N149/4.0-4.5 turbine left the production facility for the Celada III wind farm in Spain. As soon as 2020, almost 250 nacelles from the Delta4000 series with the equivalent of an annual capacity of more than 1,000 MW are to be produced in the La Vall d’Uixó factory, both for the European and the global market. In Rostock 420 turbines in the Delta4000 series alone will be produced in 2020, in addition to other Nordex turbines. The La Vall d’Uixó plant started production in 2005. Hitherto the production program covered turbines from the AW platform. Now La Vall d’Uixó is the first facility to manufacture turbines from both the AW platform and the Nordex platform. The factory currently employs 125 specialist staff.

Nordex customers extend service contracts in Uruguay and the USA

In the service sector, Nordex has signed an extension to three service contracts for the full maintenance of a total of 61 wind turbines (WTGs) in Uruguay and the United States. In Uruguay, Nordex will be servicing 21 N117/2400 turbines for customer Akuo at the "Florida" wind farm, which is located around 110 kilometers north of Montovideo. The turbines are in operation since December 2014 and have also been serviced by Nordex since then. Akuo has extended the full service for the 50.4 MW wind farm for a further five years. The second extension of a full service contract in Uruguay is for a 50 MW wind farm comprising 20 N100/2500 turbines that have been in operation in Cerro Largo, in the north-east of the country, since October 2015. The extended service contract with the Nordex Group is for a further six years. The third service contract was signed for a 50 MW wind farm in Maryland, USA. The wind farm comprises 20 N90/2500 turbines, which have been serviced by Nordex since their commissioning in 2011. Under the follow-up contract, service for the turbines is now being extended for a further ten years on the basis of a premium service contract.

Source: IWR Online, 30 Dec 2019