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Andreas Bodensohn: Additional Investment Director for Capcoras Energy & Infrastructure Team

Frankfurt am Main - The goal of Capcora, the Frankfurt-based consulting firm specialized in real assets, is to become one of the leading European consulting firms in the real assets sector. After Henning Prigge, with in Andreas Bodensohn Capcora has now gained another "renewable energy professional".

Since mid-May 2020, Bodensohn is part of the Energy & Infrastructure team. Like Prigge, he takes over the position of an Investment Director. Andreas Bodensohn is a proven M&A and financing specialist with almost ten years of experience in the renewable energy segment.

He started his career at the Munich-based financial services provider Copex Investment Partners, where he gained initial insights into evaluation and modeling of international photovoltaic projects. Afterwards he joined the Swiss asset manager Re: cap global investors ag, which, with assets under management of currently EUR 1.3 billion and a portfolio of 720 MW, is one of the leading addresses for infrastructure investments in Europe. In his role as Investment Director, he was responsible for management and contract negotiations of numerous M&A deals on international territory, most recently in particular in the Scandinavian region. In addition, he gained experience in acquisition and support of institutional investors and family offices.

"We are delighted to have Andreas Bodensohn as another supporter for our next growth step. With a track record of over 40 M&A transactions, he is a real enrichment for our team," say managing partners Jochen Magerfleisch and Alexander Kuhn. "The Capcora team impresses with innovation, creativity and sound transaction expertise in complex situations", says Andreas Bodensohn, looking forward to his new responsibilities as Investment Director at Capcora.

Source: IWR Online, 28 May 2020