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Wpd Windmanager, PSM and Deutsche Windtechnik Growing Together

Erkelenz, Germany - What has been practised for 15 years is now also reflected in the name: PSM has been renamed Wpd Windmanager.

The structures of the internationally active Wpd group, merged with the competencies of the highly competent, medium-sized company PSM, will form the basis for successful corporate growth in the future. Deutsche Windtechnik takes over the service business of PSM.

From 1 July, PSM Nature Power Service & Management GmbH & Co. KG will be renamed Wpd Windmanager Erkelenz GmbH & Co. KG. At the same time, Deutsche Windtechnik AG acquires the company shares of PSM WindService GmbH & Co. KG.

Having been a wholly owned subsidiary of Bremen-based Wpd Windmanager GmbH & Co. KG for 15 years, the service provider specialising in wind energy and solar plants, PSM, is moving one step closer to the parent company in terms of external perception with the change of name. At the same time, Erkelenz will position itself within the Wpd group as a competence centre for solar energy and for the continued operation of used wind turbines.

Wpd Windmanager is one of the major operators of wind turbines in Germany. "This offers completely new perspectives for our technical and commercial management," says Ian-Paul Grimble. He and Torsten Stoll, both psm managing directors, will continue to manage the business at Wpd Wind manager Erkelenz. By getting closer to the parent company, they hope to gain access to new customers, especially in the area of institutional plant operators and in the solar sector.

For psm not only offers many years of experience in the operational management of wind energy plants, but also of solar power plants. "Many of our institutional operators and key accounts have so far not perceived this expertise as an in-house competence - although it is highly interesting for them because they are increasingly operating wind energy and solar plants," says Nils Brümmer, Managing Director of wpd windmanager GmbH & Co KG. "In future, we will be able to offer wind and solar expertise from a single source," he adds.

In the course of the reorganisation of PSM, Deutsche Windtechnik takes over the service business of PSM. For the time being, PSM WindService GmbH & Co. KG will continue to use its name and be structurally integrated as a unit within Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service GmbH. In taking this step, PSM's experts are able to consolidate the successful work of the last 20 years and at the same time operate even more internationally and versatile.

For PSM's customers, the new structures will not have any impact on the current contractual relationships. All contracts, service and quality commitments remain valid. Stoll explains: "We are pleased to have Wpd and Deutsche Windtechnik as partners at our side with whom we share common values. These three companies all provide high-quality work and apply their entire technical and commercial expertise 100 percent for sustainable power generation."

Source: IWR Online, 06 Jul 2020