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Kaiserwetter Expands Range of Services for Optimizing Solar Investments

Hamburg, Germany - The Hamburg-based Intellitech company Kaiserwetter, specialized in renewable energies, is expanding its range of services and now offers the cloud-based IoT & AI platform Aristoteles for the monitoring and evaluation of solar systems. In addition, a new data feed allows the analysis of trends on international energy markets.

IoT and AI platform Aristoteles creates new dimension of data transparency

In its IT platform Aristoteles, Kaiserwetter aggregates, structures, analyses and consolidates technical and financial data with the aim of creating a new dimension of transparency. For this, Kaiserwetter relies on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Investors, financing banks and asset owners can use Aristoteles to record the performance development of their portfolios in real time. Machine learning algorithms use the data from the assets to detect errors and problems early on. This enables investors to make short-term decisions to optimize their investments. The financing banks, in turn, can hedge their debt coverage ratio. On this basis, investment strategies can be adapted, risks minimised and yields maximised, says Kaiserwetter.

Kaiserwetter extends Aristoteles platform for solar plants

While Aristoteles was previously only available for wind farms, Kaiserwetter now also offers the platform for photovoltaic systems, which are becoming more and more attractive worldwide in view of continuously decreasing electricity production costs. At the same time, however, there is a growing need to maximise yields, optimise forecasts and make risk assessment more precise. Aristoteles can integrate the entire range of systems, from small systems with a capacity of 10 kilowatts to solar parks with an installed capacity of 200 megawatts and more.

Based on the evaluation of the performance data generated by the solar inverters and the solar modules themselves, the Kaiserwetter platform makes it possible to simulate photovoltaic performance curves and precisely forecast the actual performance of each individual solar system. In addition, according to Kaiserwetter, the platform uses machine learning algorithms to anticipate the effects of various factors on the specific yield of the respective solar system. The aggregated data of one’s own assets can be easily compared between themselves or to peer group’s portfolio data (benchmarking). In this way, cost optimization potentials and performance improvements can be identified.

New data feed enables trend analysis on international energy markets

In addition to the extension of the Aristoteles platform for PV systems, Kaiserwetter is adding another data feed to its IoT & AI platform. By integrating data from the most important European and American power spot markets, Aristoteles can also be used to carry out daily evaluations of trends on the global energy markets. "Recording important energy spot prices allows investors to grasp the market value of the electricity produced in their assets," says Kaiserwetter CEO Hanno Schoklitsch. This opens up important insights into the tradability of electricity beyond feed-in tariffs and helps - thanks to the integration of comprehensive historical electricity market developments - to compare the long-term attractiveness of different markets outside one's own portfolio. "In such a way Aristoteles can deliver an important contribution to give investment decisions a more stable fundament,” Schoklitsch continued.

Source: IWR Online, 13 Aug 2020