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Energy & Meteo Systems and Pure Energy Cooperate in Turkish Energy Transition

Oldenburg, Germany / Istanbul, Turkey - The use of geothermal energy to generate electricity and heat is becoming increasingly important for Turkey's energy supply, and its share in the energy supply is being continuously expanded.

Pure Energy, the first Turkish operator of a virtual power plant and Energy & Meteo Systems, provider of solar and wind power predictions and virtual power plants, are expanding their cooperation and have reached the next milestone in their collaboration.

The first geothermal plants with an installed capacity of 103 MW were recently added to the Turkish utility's portfolio. The virtual power plant has already been operating with wind, solar and hydro power plants in Turkey for three years.

“We are glad that energy & meteo systems provides us with their cutting-edge technology and smoothly integrated five geothermal plants into our portfolio," says Servet Akgün, co-founder and managing director of the Turkish utility. Pure Energy believes in a regenerative future, but also recognises the challenge of integrating intermittent generation into markets and grids, especially wind and solar. "By aggregating distributed plants into a single, remote-controllable power pool we ensure their safe and economical operation", Akgün continued.

Pure Energy uses the virtual power plant from Energy & Meteo Systems since 2017 to bundle wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants. This first and so far only Virtual Power Plant in Turkey enables Pure Energy to monitor, remote-control and optimally trade the energy produced by of the connected assets. By integrating geothermal plants, their energy output can now be marketed in the dynamic Turkish day-ahead and intraday markets as well. This optimises Pure Energy´s portfolio management while allowing plant operators to benefit from lower balancing energy costs, the company said.

Energy & Meteo Systems takes care of the set up and operational functionality of the Virtual Power Plant, including plant connection, master data organisation, quality assurance for measurements and development of operator communication. "We are excited to connect for the first time geothermal plants to a Virtual Power Plant," Energy & Meteo Systems co-founder and managing director Dr. Ulrich Focken welcomes the extended cooperation with Pure Energy. The goal of Energy & Meteo Systems is to support the integration of renewable energies worldwide with the Virtual Power Plant and the power forecasts. "Aggregating distributed assets and managing their power output is key to achieving a high share of clean energy in Turkey and in other markets", Fokken continues.

Source: IWR Online, 04 Sep 2020