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Fuel Cells: Plug Power Develops New Products for European Market

Latham, USA - Plug Power, US-manufacturer of fuel cell and hydrogen fueling systems, has expanded its CE-certified GenDrive product line to include three new fuel cell solutions for European industrial and material handling vehicles.

The new products include the GenDrive 1600-80H CE for Class 1 to 5 tonne trucks and the GenDrive 3342-24 CE for Class 3 trucks. With the GenDrive 6100-48 CE Plug Power offers a special product for AGVs (driverless transport systems) and tractors.

All three products have been developed, engineered, tested and released into production over the past twelve months to specifically support the growing customer set and fuel cell applications in the European market. Although the new products are broadly similar to other GenDrive solutions, all will carry new CE certification due to key differences in product design and solutions, all will receive new CE certification due to significant differences in product design and application. Developed by Plug Power's global engineering team, the GenDrive 1600-80H CE, 6100-48 CE, 3210-24 CE and 3342-24 CE are drop-in power solutions that provide an alternative to batteries used in existing material handling fleets.

In today's trading, Plug Power's share price fell slightly by 0.3 percent to a price of 12.612 euros (30.10.2020, 13:37 hrs, Stuttgart Stock Exchange). Since the beginning of the year, the share of the RENIXX company currently shows a healthy plus of 344 percent. The American fuel cell specialist thus currently leads the company ranking in the RENIXX by a clear margin.

Source: IWR Online, 30 Oct 2020