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Fuel Cell Stack: Audi and Ballard Power Sign Definitive Agreement to Extended Use by Ballard Power

Vancouver, Canada - Ballard Power Systems has reached a final agreement with the Audi automotive group on the expanded use of the FCgen HPS fuel cell stack.

The stack has been designed and developed by Ballard Power under the Technology Solutions program together with Ballard and Audi AG according to stringent automotive standards. For the release of the extended use, adjustments to an existing technology development agreement and to the patent license agreement were necessary.

Previously, Ballard had the right to use the stack for a variety of applications, including bus, rail, marine, mining, construction, aviation and stationary power applications. With the final agreement now in place, Ballard Power may use the FCgen® HPS stack in all applications, including commercial trucks and passenger vehicles.

The Ballard Power share price has so far climbed 4.0 percent in today's trading to a price of EUR 13.205 (October 30, 2020, 12:19 pm, Stuttgart Stock Exchange). Since the beginning of the year, the share of the RENIXX company has thus gained 106 percent.

Source: IWR Online, 30 Oct 2020